Basic Human Needs are Human Rights

The United States is currently the richest nation on earth. We firmly believe that no one should go without food, clothing, and shelter. These needs must be seen as human rights whether you are a citizen of the United States or not. It is incomprehensible that we waste the amount of food, clothing, and potential housing accommodations lay empty when there are thousands of people in need. Our district is at the heart of this struggle. You can not drive through our district without seeing the impact of leadership that has not fought for basic human needs as human rights. Far more lip service than actual action has been taken to help the 26% of people within our district that are living below the poverty line. These along with every other member of our district and society as a whole deserves to have their basic human needs seen and treated as human rights. We have a perfect opportunity here in 59B to set an example for the city, state, and nation in a way where our residents won’t have to struggle with being shelterless, going hungry, and not having clothing for every season. We will work with nonprofits, concerned community members, land lords, restaurants, thrift stores, and food shelves to create the sort of ecosystem where everyone gets what they need no excuses.


Revamp the Education System

We believe that the education system is in need of an overhaul. One of the ways that we will bring this about is to take a hard look at the sorts of curriculum that are currently being used. One of the greatest failures of the education system is the one-sided way in which every aspect of education is delivered. We know that the systems through which we educate are not based solely on the contribution of our Caucasian brothers and sisters. It’s high time that what is taught in every aspect includes the contributions of all people throughout the world. We can not be puzzled as to why many individuals, especially young Black, Brown, and Idigenous youth struggle to stay engaged. We can not continue to ask them to invest into an education that they are not reflected in and typically is not invested in them. We must make sure that our schools have teachers and faculty that reflect the communities they’re in and that truly understand where each child is coming from. The public school to private prison pipeline needs to be obliterated. Our schools must teach our children about things that are relevant to their day to day lives so as soon as they graduate high school they will be successful. Whether or not they choose to pursue a degree in higher education. It is faulty of us to suggest that simply fully funding our public schools is enough. Together we can gather our voices, time, and energy in a way where we won’t have failing schools because we’ll uproot the systems that are in place that are not setting students up for success to begin with.


Economic Mobility and Empowerment

Over the years we have seen countless bail outs of large corporations worth trillions of dollars. This has saved many jobs of those that reside in the middle class. While the jobs that were saved impacted the middle class as many of us know the majority of the revenue from these bailouts did not make its way into the pockets of those whose jobs were saved. Instead they were saddled with higher taxes and the already inexplicably rich gained more than they need. We believe that it’s time to crack down on the loopholes that so many of the rich use to keep from having their funds allocated for the needs of the community at large. Socialism for the rich being an almost yearly thing while those working below what minimum wage should be are shunned for struggling even while working two and three jobs at a time. Our small businesses especially the ones owned by Black, Brown, and Indigenous people deserve to be invested in at higher rates. It is inexcusable that small businesses do not receive more support especially within the beginning stages of being open. There are critical points throughout the creation and maintenance of small businesses where grants should be provided to make sure that they are able to thrive. We must push for a higher minimum wage than the one that is in place. We must take into account the rate of inflation coupled with legislators unwillingness to step up to the plate for all of us. Together we’ll fight for an economy that works for all of us and ensures that everyone is fiscally invested in so they can thrive not just get by. 


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